The emerging player in Chinese outbound market!

EuroPass provides the drive-to-store service and the mobile payment solutions, which allows you to integrate all the information of your products and services and develop a global digital communication approach.


EuroPass is a digital Payment solution provider. We propose the leading Cloud Mobile Payment Platform that allows Merchants to accept the full suite of Chinese Mobile Payment solutions, with Wechatpay, Alipay and Union Pay. The technology already acquires over 28 million transactions/ day for USD 450 million, and is operational in China, Hong-Kong, Australia-New Zealand, and Europe.

Official Account Creation

Create your brand's virtual storefront on the most popular Chinese Social Network and real-time interactions with your Chinese customers. 

WeChat Store

Convert your followers into buyers thanks to a customer experience specifically adapted to the Chinese travellers.

In-Store Payment 

Offer the most popular Chinese payment solutions in your store to ease Chinese tourists buying process. 

Marketplace EuroPass


The "all-in-one" platform with real-time localisation services for drive to store operations.

Enhance your brand visibility 


EuroPass is both a digital communication agency and a payment solution provider able to define and set up your marketing and communication strategy targeting Chinese FIT.

Marketing Campaigns 

Create a community around your brand, share your news and events, maximize your brand's visibility and improve your sales. A dedicated team of PR and Marketing professionals, also native Chinese speakers, will accompany you in generating more traffic to your account. 

Marketplace & Drive-to-Store

- Join the first community of European institutions, luxury brands and tourism organizations in a unique environment and increase online and offline traffic.
- Business driven Drive-to-Store campaigns. 

CRM Analysis 

A data-based loyalty system helping you to better understand customers' social behaviors and leading to a better segmentation based on the user's profiles. 


EuroPass cooperates with various authentic European based companies, multiple luxury brands, and cities as strategic partners. Share the most valuable resources in our WeChat Ecosystem.


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